Process Development

A proposal process enables everyone to get on the same page saving time and valuable resources.

Written standards and processes expedite productivity and promote timely execution.

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities make it easier to work together and set expectations.

Practices to measure progress and provide continuous feedback allow everyone to know what is required of them.

Corroboration makes certain that every aspect of the proposal is dead-on.


Best practices processes should:

  • Align with the firm’s strategy, culture and procedures 
  • Improve decision making
  • Optimize the skills and capabilities of the proposal team
  • Promote collaboration across the organization
  • Save time and money by creating efficiencies
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce stress and frustration
  • Assure that mandatory requirements are met and applications are complete
  • Build confidence in the business development and proposal teams


Our proposal development processes are based on best practices and are customized to closely align with our client’s business needs. We provide checklists, and processes for all stages of the proposal, such as:

  1. Opportunity triggers

  2. “Go/No-Go” decision checklist

  3. Kick-off meeting preparation

  4. Kick-off meeting

  5. Proposal writing

  6. Red team

  7. Presentation

  8. Proposal tracking

We can manage the entire proposal process from the kick-off meeting — to the final deliverable written proposal and/or presentation. Conversely, firms can customize the services they require to complete their proposal response.

Proposal Writing

N L Watson Consulting Inc. manages small- to large-scale and complex joint partnership proposals from low to high value. Our expertise covers proposals to the private and public sectors, and Public Private Partnerships (P3s ). 

You will be required to provide subject matter experts for the duration of the proposal. We will review the input and offer suggestions to ensure that your content will have the desired impact on the purchaser. Throughout the process you will receive draft documents as they are written to ensure your approval on the strategy, tone, direction, writing style, and content.

Business and market research enables a better analysis of the RFP opportunity and a framework for on point strategy. Well written, well researched proposals increase the win rate and your credibility in the marketplace.

You may select from the following list of services for assistance in completing your proposal.

  • Review of the proposal opportunity by stepping through a bid/no-bid decision process

  • Research—client and competitors

  • Provide strategic guidance and develop overall strategy

  • Articulate clear competitive differentiation

  • Develop proposal templates in compliance with EOI/RFI/RFP requirements as well as corporate branding guidelines

  • Write proposal and position the Executive Summary

  • Provide guidance on proposal content and editing support

  • Provide quality assurance oversight to ensure proposal quality, compliance, and completeness

  • Prepare and coach teams for presentations

Team Training

Customized training for proposal teams and/or management increase possibility of winning the account. The workshop can be used to strategize future proposals and develop processes. We can develop an interactive workshop through presentation, discussion, and hands-on exercises. The interchange during these sessions often uncovers key issues to be addressed and improves the outcome of proposals. While applying business development strategies, participants will learn to how to develop winning strategies.

We offer the following services:

  • Evaluate and critique past proposals
  • Create reusable content that can be leveraged
  • Facilitate proposal team workshops and training sessions

Software Consulting

Those who have been involved in proposals would like to find the perfect proposal software that will do the job for them. Unfortunately, what works for one firm may not work for another, even in the same industry sector. This is because while proposals may be similar, they are rarely the same. 

It is important to understand what proposal software systems are available when researching proposal tools. This can be a complex challenge. Proposal software can be very expensive and time consuming to implement.  We have worked with and implemented several systems and created internal databases. Our expertise can save you money and assure the software will work with your existing computer systems.

Proposal software services include:

  • Assistance with selection and implementation of software or internal database
  • Write/edit content
  • Load content
  • Manage/update content
  • Develop search mechanisms to locate content
  • Coach/train users 

General Proposal Services

We provide medium and smaller firms with an evaluation of their past proposals to identify ways to enhance competitiveness and articulate differentiation strategies. We look for compliance to mandatory requirements, responsiveness, client focus, overall strategy, clarity of writing style, and visual effectiveness. We will provide a report of findings and recommendations.

We create reusable content that can be customized to answer typical questions that appear frequently in RFPs.

We can also:

  • Write copy that anticipates strategies to be used, for example, when you are the incumbent
  • Provide examples for topics that are often the same or similar from proposal to proposal